General Information 
It is very important for me to give your concerns sufficient time and also to make a thorough in-depth analysis. A primary consultation can therefore require up to two hours of time, for a secondary consultation/check-up allow for up to one hour.
A balanced life style and a healthy diet are important factors for the preservation of good health. We will of course relate to these topics during the consultation.

Method of Treatment:

  • Blood analysis using Dark-Field Microscopy
  • Quantum-Resonance / Radionic
  • Homeopathy
  • Live Water therapy

Service offer

  • Primary and secondary examination using Dark-Field Microscopy and Quantum medicine
  • Treatment with Homeopathy (for registered patients house-calls are available too, for example for cases of flu)
  • Laboratory service (Quantum Analysis without Appointment – please call me for details)
  • Consultation on the topic of  Healthy Diet and balanced life style