Saturday 18th of March 2017 from 11:00 to 13:00, in English language

“Allergies must go!” and the 7 keys factors to staying healthy

+ introduction to Water-Therapie, Blood-Diagnostic, Quantum-Medicine and Homeopathy

Good health is our most precious belonging. Find out how to positively contribute to preserving it, now and in old age! We want to discuss this important topic and a lot more, with a focus on Allergies.


  • What are the 7 key factors to remaining healthy

  • What can we do on our own to preserve our most precious health?

  • Can we prevent allergies? Can Allergies be cured?


  • Quantum Medicine and Homeopathy
    subtle methods greatly underestimated

  • Water and its secrets – what is “Live Water” Therapie?
    – How water can transform our life

  • Blood diagnostic (Dark-Field Microscopy) – what a drop of blood can reveal about your health
    Exciting LIVE DEMO: a look inside a living drop of blood!

  • Questions and Answers 

Entrance 10 Euros (per person or family)!

Places are limited so register now by sending a short SMS or Email (0157 54 74 55 94, with your name and how many are coming with you.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and discoveries with you all.

Presenter: Laurent Dumonet, “Heilprakter”

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 – This is NOT a commercial presentation –